Have you ever wondered why you don’t get any love on your credit report for making your rent payments on time? After all, mortgage holders get to enjoy the benefit of their payments being logged on their credit profile, why shouldn’t renters?

Rental reporting service RentTrack, which started up in 2013, has endeavored to change this imbalance. Stay tuned to get the information you need to decide if this company’s program is a good choice for you.

About RentTrack

RentTrack is truly unique in that it has found a way to ensure that your rent payments are reported to all three major credit reporting agencies. This is a big step in terms of improving your credit score because in the past, rent tradelines have not traditionally been included in credit profiles.

While lenders vary in the data they look at when deciding your creditworthiness, RentTrack payments will show up on your FICO Score 9, which is widely used, as well as the less commonly used VantageScore. Rental payments show up on your report as loan repayments.

While we wouldn’t call using RentTrack totally effortless, it’s definitely worth a look.

How It Works

There are two ways to use RentTrack – by living in a participating property or by signing up yourself.

The program is designed to encourage property owners to offer RentTrack to their tenants. If your landlord is a RentTrack member you can enroll easily and your payments will be automatically reported to all three credit bureaus. Some RentTrack members cover the cost for their tenants and some charge a small fee to cover their expense of using the program. You can typically pay your rent online if you live in a participating property.

If you don’t live in a participating building you can sign up as an individual for a modest monthly charge. Your payments are deducted from your bank account and RentTrack cuts a check and sends it to your landlord. You can pay by debit or credit card, however you’ll pay additional fees for this option.

Who Should Use RentTrack?

RentTrack is great for people who already live in a participating property. It’s also good for those with a thin credit file who need to buff up their entries. It may also be helpful if you need to improve your credit rating.

If you’ve already got established credit and/or you’re concerned about sharing your banking information with the company then RentTrack may not be right for you.


  • May be free if you live in a participating property
  • Data sent to all three major credit reporting bureaus
  • Includes web identity theft protection
  • Withdraw from the program any time you want


  • Fees may be required
  • Extra steps involved if property isn’t a member


All in all RentTrack has created an innovative credit-building solution for non-homeowners. It may not be totally free for you, but depending upon your situation it can offer benefits that potentially outweigh the small cost involved.